Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hanwha Eagles Game

This week was pretty sweet! We did not have school on Wednesday because it was Election Day. So Douchi, Nari, and I went out on Tuesday night. We tried to get some of the guys to go out with us, but they all had other plans. So we were sitting at our usual table in Mr. Chicken and Beer (the cajun chicken salad is amazing!!!!), and in comes Tae Su, one of the guys who had other plans. He came in with a group of guys that he had just played soccer with. He was so excited to introduce us to his group of friends; it was funny! It's interesting because when we see the guys outside of the gym with their friends, they always get so excited to show us off. Its hilarious! Anyways, we just sat around talking and laughing. I love it!

Friday night, we decided to try again. We asked around to see if anyone wanted to go out, and of course, they all said no. Final exams are coming up so everyone is still pretty busy with school. So once again, Douchi and I made are trek up to Mr. Chicken and Beer. This time Son Ha joined us for a bit, but she had to leave early. After Son left, Nari came in. Mr. Chicken and Beer really likes us because we come in all of the time. So, they made us some french fries to show us how much they liked us. After Mr. Chicken and Beer, we went to Song Kwang Min's Bar. Kwang Min wasn't there because it was late, and he had a game on Saturday. But his parents were there and told him to come back because we were there. It was funny because he was sleeping, but he didn't make it back before the bar closed. We weren't really disappointed because we didn't expect to see him there anyway. But I think his whole family likes us because they kept bringing us food too. Just like Mr. Chicken and Beer. The Koreans that go out with us get so jealous because apparently that's not normal???? Hahaha. Oh well, free food! It was definitely a fun night, and we talked to the people at Kwang Min's about going to the game on Saturday. They promised to save us some seats in the good section. SWEET!

On Saturday, we got Trevor, the Canadian guy at the gym, to go with us to the game. It was just Douchi, Son Ha, Trevor, and me, but it was so much fun. We were right in front of the cheerleaders, and we had some really good seats! We could see everything! Not to mention, they gave us more free stuff! Hahaha! Seriously, I don't know what this is! It was a really good game! Kwang Min had a home run, several rbi's, and made some amazing plays! The Hanwha Eagles won the game 10-6. After the game, we were going to try a different restaurant, but they were closed. So of course, we ended up at Mr. Chicken and Beer. After Mr. Chicken, Son Ha had to leave. Then, of course we stopped by Kwang Min's to congratulate him on a game well played. Nari joined us at Kwang Min's. She was so excited to meet him in person! Hahaha. Once again, he sat and talked with us a bit. I think he even studied some English since the last time because he was very talkative. He is a very genuine and down to earth kind of guy. Which is very impressive considering he's "kind of a big deal" hahaha. He gave us all a signed baseball, and some cake too. You already know it, more free stuff! Nari had to leave early, but one of the guys from the gym decided to go out karaoking with us. His nickname is Simpson (I think his real name is Sim Shyun). He speaks English very well, and he was so much fun! He has never hung out with us before so we really got to know him. We karaoked for a bit then went to another restaurant that we always go to at the end of the night and talked forever! It was such an amazing evening! He's planning on coming out with us again next weekend. I'm super excited!!!!! I can't wait because the other guys promised to join us too! SWEET! I love it!