Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relaxed Weekend?

I had a fairly relaxed weekend this weekend. By relaxed, I mean that I went to bed before the sun came up. Hahahaha. So, Friday night Douchi and I just chilled at our regular spots. At our "End Cap", we heard some guys at another table practicing their English on each other. I kept waiting for them to come over and start talking, but they didn't. It wasn't until we walked past their table to leave before they said something to us. It was cute! Korean guys are so shy! Hahahaha. Douchi and I went home fairly early because I had Korean lessons at 1 on Saturday.

Mell and I went to Korean lessons, and we got our textbooks!!! I think that it is going to help a lot. We've already started practicing reading. I practice with San Ha because she is really good about telling me what I'm pronouncing wrong. I've also started practicing with some of the guys' names at the gym. It's pretty cool.

After lessons, I had my one stripe Jiu Jitsu test. It was so hard! I only had an hour to eat, get to the gym, change, practice and stretch before the test. It was definitely not enough time for my food to settle. Hahahaha. I almost vomited! San said she felt like vomiting too, and she didn't even eat. Maybe it was just because we were exerting so much energy for a long time. The first part of the test was the techniques. I was so nervous about the technique because he is watching to make sure you do it perfectly. It's hard for me because I miss some things because he is speaking in Korean, and I can't always see everything. But I did okay on that part of the test. The next part of the test was the sparring. We had to spar with so many people!!! I lost count! It was one after another with no breaks. It was hard! But I think we did well. All of the one stripe testers passed. Only two out of the four two stripe testers passed, the three stripe tester and the four stripe tester failed. After the test, everyone went out to eat. It was a lot of fun! I love hanging out with the guys after events. It's always fun getting to know them.

After dinner, I met up with Douchi to celebrate her birthday. We went dancing at Cocoon. The music sucked this weekend. I am not sure if it was because we got there too early or what, but it was all techno junk which is okay for a song or two but not the entire night. I was tired anyways after testing so I headed out early.

Then today, Sunday, San Ha came over, and we went to get my haircut. I got the magic straight perm, but they had to put some sort of clinic treatment on my hair to strengthen it. It looks pretty good; it's not as straight as I would like it, but we'll see how it is after I wash it. I can always straighten it with an iron. I really just wanted something I could wash and go with. Also, I have to go back next weekend to receive another treatment, and the girl said that if I was unhappy with anything she would fix it then. We'll see!