Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd visit to Seoul!!!

So, this weekend was pretty amazing, but that's nothing new right??? Friday night was definitely chill. I stayed at the gym pretty late, but I had a really deep conversation with one of the older guys there. He went to university in Texas so his English is really good. He is a counselor at Taejon Christian International School as well as a counselor to rape victims. We talked a good bit about Psychology, Sociology, and deviance in general. We also talked about the cultural aspects of Korea. He was telling me that Korea was becoming more and more Westernized, and how much it had changed in the past ten years. It was probably the first in depth conversation I have had with a Korean since I have arrived. It was really good to hear a Korean's perspective on life in general.

Saturday was NUTS!!!! Mell and I decided to sit outside the GS25 (a convenient store with a few patio tables outside my apartment). I had a Seoul date with Douchi at 9am on Sunday so I kind of wanted an early night. Well, some way or another we ended up changing clothes and going to Dunsan Dong to eat at a restaurant. While in Dunsan, we decided to stop by the foreigner bar, Sponge. We stayed until about three. We had fun dancing and chatting with the other foreigners. We got a few numbers and said goodbye. We caught a taxi that had the undercarriage glow (possibly a mistake on our part). Anyways, we start heading back home to Mannyeon Dong in this Disco Taxi when he starts playing some serious dance music. We are about to turn onto our street when Mell and I look at each other and decide that we need to go dancing. Hahaha. Wow, so we had back to Dunsan to the dance club Cocoon. We dance for a few more hours, get a few more numbers, and then finally, head back home! K-RAZY since I had to get up at 8 in order to get to the bus station by 9.

I went to Seoul on Sunday with Douchi on only 2 hours of sleep. We were shopping for our outfits to wear for her birthday dinner on Friday, and her birthday dance night on Saturday this coming weekend. She found some really cute dresses at Forever 21!!! She has such a cute figure so everything she tried on looked gorgeous!!!! I also found a couple of dresses for the weekend. I am so excited for her birthday!!!!!

So after spending a good bit of the day in Seoul, we came home in just enough time for me to shower and meet Mell, Kwanjungnim, and Alice Teacher for dinner. Because somehow, someone got the idea to set Kwanjungnim and Alice Teacher up on a date, and then somehow another person got roped into going on the first outing with them because in Korea you don't do blind dates. I was so tired, but it was fun. I am not sure how well it went. I will have to ask Kwanjungnim tomorrow. It seemed to go well, but what do I know; the entire thing was in Korean!

So another good weekend, here in Korea has come and gone. And I am left to start the work week once again exhausted but content! I am excited about the birthday celebrations this week!!!!!