Monday, February 8, 2010

Visa Interview

I had my Visa Interview today. I was so stinking nervous because these people are the ones that control whether or not I get to go. The school is not that big of a deal because English teachers in Korea are in such high demand that if you are a decent candidate you can find a school pretty much anywhere, but as far as Visas go, you kind of only have one shot. So, I walk in to the consulate almost an hour early to find that my paperwork is in order as they had confirmed with me last week. They gave me a nice packet of information to read about Korea. Yay! Anyways, onto the interview, I was interviewed with two other women both hoping to teach in Korea like me. The Consul comes in and talks with us about the Korean culture, current events, and politics. He also told us quite a bit about himself and his family. Then, he interviewed each one of us while the others were still in the room. I was the last to be interviewed. It seemed that he was in a hurry to get through my interview. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing (I guess we'll find out tomorrow). He asked the others about their background, teaching history, and why they wanted to teach in Korea. Both women gave excellent answers to all of these questions. The questions he asked of me were asked in a way as if to confirm what he already knew. Such as, "Your degree is in Criminal Justice?", "You went to Kennesaw State?", "There's a large Korean population there, yes?". He did not ask about my teaching experience I believe I brought that up which probably was a mistake on my part, but like I said we will find out tomorrow if I got my visa or not! I absolutely cannot wait to find out about my visa because it is pretty much the last thing I have to do to prepare for my trip. All I have left to do is finish packing and relax!

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