Saturday, March 13, 2010

Second Week of teaching

So this was my second week of first full week with my new classes. I feel like I got a really good schedule for the most part. It is a little stressful that my morning classes are very young (about 3 and 4 years old in America, 5 years in Korea), and they do not know any English. However, my classes are very well behaved except for one class. Two of the kids are very disruptive. One is more so than the other. I believe he is probably the youngest in the class. I have had to take him to the Assistant Director twice (I could have taken him more but I don't want the Assistant Director to think I can't handle my class). He is always walking around and talking while I'm talking. It is very distracting to me and the other students. When I ask him to sit down and be quiet, he walks up and hits me. I talked to the Assistant Director about this, but she told me to tell my Korean partner. However, my Korean partner does not seem as concerned about this problem as I am. She said that she called his mother but his mother is very young and not mature enough to handle the situation. This frustrates me to no end because he is such a horrible influence on the rest of the class. The other day he was teaching the sweetest little girl how to give someone the finger! I took scotch tape and taped his middle finger to his ring finger so he couldn't flip anyone off anymore. I think he got the hint because he didn't do it the rest of the day, but he has done it since. I really wish that he would behave or that the school will drop him because the students are having a very difficult time concentrating on the lessons. What makes it worse is that he doesn't know his English name so he doesn't realize that I am getting on to him. I am not allowed to use his Korean name so no one has told me what it is.

Other than that, everything is going very well! The three other teachers and I went to Sponge Bar last night, and we met a bunch of other English speaking people! It was nice! We were talking about going to a bar called Santa Claus for a St. Patrick's Day celebration this evening, but I think everyone is kind of tired from the week.

Today, I walked a few blocks over to a middle school and played basketball in their courtyard. It was my first time ever playing on a dirt court with a wooden board. It took me a minute to adjust to it, but it was interesting. There were a few students hanging around after school, and they came up and talked to me. They were taking English class in school. They asked me where I was from, what my job was, where I was teaching, and how old I was. They showed off a bit using the basketball terms that they knew and showed me their basketball skills. It was sweet that they were so curious and wanted to impress me.

When I got home, one of the other teachers, Mellissa, came over, and we watched a movie. It was a very relaxing evening.

I am hoping that this week will be better than last. I hope that my classes are good for me!

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