Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Amazing Weekend

Wow, I seriously get super excited for the weekends now. Hahahaha. When I first got here I didn't really get excited about the weekend because I knew most of it would be spent alone. Now that I have made some really good friends, I get so excited about it! Hahaha. This past weekend, Douchi and I invited the Master and some of the guys from Daejeon MMA to hang out with us. Another girl named Nari went with us as well. She is new, and super sweet! It was so much fun! We went to a Korean Traditional Bar. It was a very nice place. I loved the atmosphere and the decor. We sat at one of the floor tables. In the middle of the meal, Master made everyone change places because the guys were bored. Apparently Korean men don't really talk to each other unless there is a female present. I don't know. So they split Douchi, Nari and me up. Whatever, it was still fun! The guys crack me up. After we ate, we sat and talked for a bit, and one of the guys went out for ice cream for everyone. It was hilarious because he came back to the bar with a bag of Popsicles from the gas station. They are such kids sometimes. After a bit, we decided to go karaokeing. It was awesome because the guys are really good singers, and they sang a lot of Korean songs. I love it! I am so glad that I found this gym because we all have so much fun!

This week is going to be pretty sweet too! Tomorrow night, I am hanging out with my friend at his bar. Tuesday, Douchi, Nari and I are going to go out because we all have Wednesday off for elections. I love four day work weeks!!!!

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