Saturday, July 3, 2010


Man, what a great weekend!!!! Mell and I went to Seoul on Saturday. Seoul has a lot of foreigners so some of the popular stores from back home have opened stores there. We went to Forever 21 and found some really cute dresses and shirts. We also looked at H&M, but couldn't really find anything there. We also went to Insan dong, a traditional Korean area that sold a lot of nice souvenir type things to send back home to family. I think Douchi and I are going next weekend to shop for outfits for her birthday party. I am super excited!!!! She said she might even get some heels!!! Yay!

When we got home from Seoul, it was still pretty early. So we met Douchi and Trevor at Mr. Chicken and Beer for some Cajun Chicken Salad. I know we go there way too often but seriously you gotta try this salad. Its the most amazing thing you have ever put in your mouth!!! Then, we hit up Kwang Min's for a bit, but he wasn't there and we wanted to go dancing. So we headed to Dunsan Dong to some of the foreigner bars. Sponge was dead when we first got there so we left and went to a restaurant down the street. We didn't get to dance but still it was so much fun. We sat next to three Korean guys that were about mine and Mell's ages (age is very important in Korea if I haven't mentioned that lately, that and blood type, weird). Anyways, I started talking to them because I noticed that they kept staring at us (I think because I was the only one dancing in the entire restaurant...hahaha). They were really nice guys. It was funny because then Mell told them that I was single. Then, they told me to choose one of them. Maybe I am weird but I have a hard time telling people that I like someone better than them. I don't want to hurt their feelings :(. Anyways, they had to meet some other friends so they left. Then, Mell got it in her head to get me a boyfriend that night. So she dared me to go over and talk to this seriously cute Korean guy on the other side of the restaurant. Hahaha. I figured that I had nothing to lose. It's not like I am going to see the guy everyday if I get shot down. Hahaha. It was hilarious!!!! Douchi and Mell told me to ask him if he had a girlfriend. Douchi told me how to ask in Korean. So I did. Hahaha. He said that he didn't. He and his friend both spoke English very well. They invited me to sit with them. So I sat and talked with them for a bit. The hottie's name is Kim Tae Young and his friend's name was Go Myeong Young. They were college friends. They went to Incheon University near Seoul. Kim Tae Young is from Seoul, and he's a civil engineer. Go Myeong Young is an architect. Both guys were really cool, and before I left, I got Kim Tae Young's number. I am crazy, I know! I haven't heard from him yet, but I was the one to ask for his number so am I the one that is supposed to text??? The Korean Dating Game is so weird! Anyways, we left and went back to Sponge because some of the other girls from work were going there. We hung out at Sponge for a minute to dance a little before Douchi and I headed back to Hannam to finish the night at another one of our fave restaurants. Another fun weekend here in Korea!!!!

I can't wait to go back to Seoul next weekend with Douchi!!!

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