Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Post

So I'm going to make this a quick post because not much went on this past week/weekend, but next weekend I may not have time to post because it's going to be pretty busy!

This week at school we went to the Chestnut Farm to pick some chestnuts. It was pretty sweet because I've never seen a chestnut before. They're spikey! I nicknamed them Spikey Mikey and came up with a little rhyme for the kids to remember the words to describe them. The kids loved it! Also this week at school one of my kids had a really high fever while he was at school and his mom couldn't come pick him up. So he had to lay on the couch at school for 4 hours before she could pick him up. I was so upset! It was so sick...I almost cried just watching him.

This past weekend, I got invited to a few different things but I decided to be responsible and get things done around the house. On Saturday, I went to Costco to do some grocery shopping, and I went to Galleria to spend my $100 gift certificate. I found a nice backpack from North Face for exactly $100 so I knew it was meant to be. Hahaha.

On Sunday, I went out with the Muay Thai coach from Dunsan MMA and his girlfriend, Sun. They are such amazing people! I had so much fun. I really enjoyed talking with them! They invited me to a jumbo shrimp barbecue next weekend! I'm super excited! I can't wait. I'm supposed to go to the Baekje Festival on Saturday, but hopefully I will be home early enough to go with them! We talked about Sunday, but on Sunday, we have Sports Day for school. Ugh! I hate that everything is piled onto one weekend! I'm not complaining about Sports Day because in theory it sounds like fun, but I hate that its on the weekend which means I have to go to bed early on Saturday night (and by early I mean before 2am), and I can't do anything on Sunday because its all day. Oh well, good times! I can't wait! Maybe I'll get around to a post next weekend, maybe not. Who knows!!!!

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