Saturday, April 17, 2010

The gym and randomness

I really love this city!!!! It is a big city with a small town feel. I think it's amazing that I go out and random people come up and talk to me. They are so curious about what I think about the city and the food. Today, I had a random lady walk up to me shake my hand and say, "Thank you" in English. It was weird because I couldn't figure out what she was thanking me for. Maybe she was just trying to say, "hello" and couldn't remember which one it was. It was sweet.

I really love the gym that I have been going to. Its called Daejeon MMA if you live in the city and you want to check it out. Its near Hannam University. The people are so fun! They crack me up. There is a group of high schoolers that like to hang around me which is cool. They are super curious about me and my lifestyle. They even talk about themselves. One is hilarious! He was talking about being one of Angelina Jolie's adopted kids. Then, he started in on Tiger Woods. He said that his uncle's friend was one of Tiger's mistresses. I was dying...everyone thought I was crazy because they had no idea what this kid was talking about. The people aren't the only reason I go to this gym though. I heard about the gym from a guy that does some serious MMA up in Seoul, and he said that it was a good gym. Several of the top competitors in Seoul trained under this instructor. The instructor is really good and very knowledgeable about BJJ. He does one class everyday at 7PM, and the rest of the time its open gym for kickboxing, weight lifting, jump rope, and whatever. He walks around and corrects your form. I really like it because the guys at the gym are really friendly and will help me out with my form too. Some of them speak English so they help explain what the instructor is trying to tell me. The instructor speaks a little English, but he doesn't like to use it. He tries for my benefit, but most of the time one of the guys will translate it for me.

I am seriously trying to learn Korean because I think it will be beneficial for me. I went to Korean tutoring this morning. I am hoping to be able to continue attending. I have also been studying my Korean-English dictionary and my Korean studies book. It's kind of hard because the sounds are so different from English, and the letters are different from English. It's funny because when I don't understand what people are saying, I use their facial expressions to make up what they are saying. It's never what they are actually saying, but it keeps me entertained...hahaha. Well, not much more to say so...Cheers for now!

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