Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss Me?

Ok, so I know I missed my post last week. Sorry! My internet was not working. So last week, nothing much happened. I got a haircut. It looks really good, and it was super cheap. I have never paid so little for a haircut. It works out to be about $12 in America. Crazy right? It's like I went to some fancy haircutting place and paid the same price I would have at SuperCuts or whatever the cheap-o hair salon is called. As for last weekend, I hung out with two other foreigners from the gym. They were really great guys. We went out to eat after the gym. Then, we hung out the apartment. One of the guys bought a guitar over here, and so we just sang songs and talked. I met them at the gym again on Saturday, and they helped me with my Jiu Jitzu which was super sweet of them because the other guys laugh at me. Hahaha. It was so much fun! I can't wait to hang out with them again. I didn't hang out with them this weekend because I skipped the gym on Friday and Saturday. Yeah, I know; I'm slacking. So what did I do this weekend if I didn't go to the gym? Absolutely nothing!!!! Hahaha. Friday night, I watched some movies and gave myself a facial and pedicure. I know girlie stuff right? Does it help to know the movie I watched was Transformers? On Saturday, I cleaned my apartment and walked around the city a bit. Today, I walked down to the river and laid out! It was such a beautiful day. I could not waste it. I took my Korean study books with me and studied. I am hoping to pick up the language soon because I suck! I can't even tell someone where I live without them thinking I live in poop. Seriously. I say poop instead of neighborhood. I can't figure out which is which. But I absolutely love where I live. The river is right outside my neighborhood. It's maybe a five minute walk from my apartment. It's so nice because there is a lot of open fields where you can just lay out or even play some ball. There is also a track where you can run by the river. Amazing!!!! I love it! I am hoping that this nice weather sticks because it is gorgeous outside!!!!!!!

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